November 10, 2015


How can you pull it off?



Inspired by the lovely Nancy Ajram, it is a style that anyone can pull off…but here are a few tips


1. A suit vest is pretty common and should be in every lady’s closet. When you purchase a vest just make sure its length is right for you, if its too short it will emphasize flaws in case you have wider hips or a protruding belly. On the opposite, if it is too long it will shorten your legs…notice here Nancy is sporting a longer jacket, but is compensating with a higher heel.


2. Black jeans are great. The black slims you down, and in this case they are skinny but not too tight fitted. Don’t be afraid to role them up a bit for style!


3. The shirt is pretty stylish, but if you are heavy chested a bow in that area might make you look even heavier…in that case look for a shirt that has a printed bow, instead of an actual one.


Finally, a peep toe shoe is always pretty when chosen right. Avoid ones where the opening is too wide as your toes might slip through the front...

October 17, 2015



١. قللي من تعابير وجهك


حاولي السيطرة على تعابير وجهك وعدم تكرارها كثيرا لأنها السبب في ظهور التجاعيد الأولية


٢. تحدي الجاذبية


النوم جيدا وأخذ قسط وافر من الاستلقاء والراحة ضد الجاذبية. وينصح أيضا بتغيير جهات النوم وعدم البقاء عند جهة معينة التي تتسبب بظهور التجاعيد المبكرة على الوجه


   ٣. النظافة ولكن بلطف


عليكي بتنظيف وجهك مرتين باليوم باستخدام غسول لطيف وتجنبي غسله بالصابون الصلب لمنع جفاف بشرتك. ننصحك أيضا باستخدام مزيل مكياج ذو فائدة للبشرة والابتعاد مطلقا عن النوم بالمكياج


٤. استخدمي مرطبات الجلد


الماء هو المكون الرئيسي لبشرتك، ولذلك أفضل وسيلة للاحتفاظ بها و تغذيتها من الخارج هي من خلال الترطيب وذلك بمعدل 2-3 مرات يوميا


٥. الأكل الصحي وعلاقته بالرياضة


الأكل الصحي من الامور التي تتعلق بنضارة البشرة والتي تحتاج إلى اهتمام وتغذية من الداخل والخارج معا، لذا ينصح بشرب الكثير من الماء واتباع نظام غذائي غني ببعض الفيتامينات وبالأخص فيتامين C الذي يساعد على حماية البشرة لفترة طويلة كما أن ممارسة الرياضة وأخصها تمارين التمدد اليومية تساعد على الحفاظ على مرونة البشرة لفترة أطول

October 17, 2015



1. Minimize Facial Expressions


Squinting? Smiling hard? Constantly raising your brows? Any repeated facial expressions will cause for your first fine lines to appear! So try to control yourself J


2. Defy Gravity


Literally, gravity has tendency to push everything downwards. So sleep the right amount of hours (usually 8 hrs for adults) as laying down is less coarse the standing against gravity. Even THEN, change positions when you sleep as sleeping in the same position or on the same cheek for example, will overtime perturb skin elasticity and cause early wrinkles.


3. Keep it clean – but be gentle


Your face is constantly exposed to pollutants, without mentioning all the makeup we wear.  Clean your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser. Staying away from hard soaps as they will dry out your skin.


When it comes to your makeup, use a good makeup remover as most cleansers won’t be able to eliminate all the makeup you put, especially around your eyes, and do not sleep with your makeup on p...

June 22, 2015


This is for all the ladies who need a fast makeup routine, just to look fresher, but not made up!



1 – Conceal


Use your concealer and foundation with the goal of eliminating flaws. You should be very careful with the foundation you choose, making sure it’s the right tone (pink, neutral or yellow) and the right shade (usually a shade or 2 lighter than your own skin.


2  - Apply Mascara


I personally find mascara quite important, as it’ll have the effect of making your eyes look wider. Good mascara will not look clumpy and will also apply in a smooth fashion.


3 – Blush


After applying your foundation, your face will have an even tone, which isn’t so natural. Our cheeks are usually colored; so the blush is just recreate what the loo of a natural pigmentation. Choose a blush that will apply smoothly and not look like a stain on your face.


4 – A Natural Shade Gloss


The finishing touch to a fresh natural look!


This routine takes me less than 5 minutes… Great for all you busy ladies!







June 16, 2015

Today and tomorrow mark the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims all around the world. During that month, ladies usually prefer to tame down their beauty routines. Further than that, fasting makes you prone to weight fluctuations. This is why I decided to give every girl that celebrate that month, Ramadan hints!



1 - Break your Fast in Steps


We all know days are longer during the summer and so is fasting. The risk here is that your body will enter into starvation mode during  your fast and store every single calorie when you start eating. Another scenario is that you overeat when you break your fast. The trick? Start with something small, like a soup and then wait an hour to have a full meal. By doing that you sent a message to your body (you are not starving) and you tamed down your hunger (and have better control on the quantity of food you are eating).


2 – Get your Beauty Sleep


If you work, and you fast and on top of it its really hot out…you will be exhausted. Not onl...

June 15, 2015

Flower Pants! lol sounds tacky, but we all know its in right now, and it can actually look great...


The key is in the print, and this is why I love this Miranda Kerr look. 



Who can pull it off?


1 - The Shirt; Quarter sleeves anyone can pull off, they hide your flaws if you have wider upper arms, and are a great solution if you have long arms (like i do), I tend to pull up the sleeves of long sleeve shirts I have to make them look three quarter sleeve shirts. When it comes to the neckline, the one Miranda is wearing is great for long necks. If you have a shorter neck, a lower neckline or V-neck is the solution for you.


2 - The pants; At this length, these pants will shorten the look of your legs. To compensate for that, a tucked in shirt will serve you well. If you cannot tuck in the shirt due to love handles or a heavier midsection, let the shirt go on top,but make sure it is not too long.  


3 - The shoes; Again, because the pants will shorten the look of your legs, pointy shoes have...

June 12, 2015

When it come to our hair, we exhaust it with the styling, the coloring, the heat...and then we wonder why it won't grow, or why we have split ends or why is it dry and so on! That's why I am reminding you ladies of how to deal with your hair, so it treats you right in return







June 10, 2015

When it comes to your body, treat it right on the inside, it should do well for you on the outside. Green tea is something I try to have at least once a day. I drink it without sugar or sweetner...I know its hard for all you sugar lovers, but you get used to the taste :)


Tea time!






This is such a comfy look yet so classy! This look is perfect for a busy woman that needs to be in comfortable yet professional clothes and is also great for a working mom!


Who can pull it off?


1. The Shirt: I love this colar as it accentuates your colar bones if yours are showing, even if not, a black blouse like this one looks good on anyone. Hint1;, if your arms are a little fuller, the length of the sleeve are quite the trick here. You would be surprised at how 1 cm can make a difference. In that case choose a blouse that will hit your arm in the right place, or choose one with a longer sleeve that you could taylor.


2. The pants: If you have a flat tummy (lucky you) gor for it. If you don't? Still go for it, but wear them right. If its a slight tummy you have, as they are a bit looser in the midsection, you will still be able to pull the look off as is. If you have a really protruding midsection just dont tuck the shirt in. Choose a shirt that hits right wear ur belly disappears wi...

June 4, 2015

The image says it all!


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