June 22, 2015


This is for all the ladies who need a fast makeup routine, just to look fresher, but not made up!



1 – Conceal


Use your concealer and foundation with the goal of eliminating flaws. You should be very careful with the foundation you choose, making sure it’s the right tone (pink, neutral or yellow) and the right shade (usually a shade or 2 lighter than your own skin.


2  - Apply Mascara


I personally find mascara quite important, as it’ll have the effect of making your eyes look wider. Good mascara will not look clumpy and will also apply in a smooth fashion.


3 – Blush


After applying your foundation, your face will have an even tone, which isn’t so natural. Our cheeks are usually colored; so the blush is just recreate what the loo of a natural pigmentation. Choose a blush that will apply smoothly and not look like a stain on your face.


4 – A Natural Shade Gloss


The finishing touch to a fresh natural look!


This routine takes me less than 5 minutes… Great for all you busy ladies!







June 16, 2015

Today and tomorrow mark the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims all around the world. During that month, ladies usually prefer to tame down their beauty routines. Further than that, fasting makes you prone to weight fluctuations. This is why I decided to give every girl that celebrate that month, Ramadan hints!



1 - Break your Fast in Steps


We all know days are longer during the summer and so is fasting. The risk here is that your body will enter into starvation mode during  your fast and store every single calorie when you start eating. Another scenario is that you overeat when you break your fast. The trick? Start with something small, like a soup and then wait an hour to have a full meal. By doing that you sent a message to your body (you are not starving) and you tamed down your hunger (and have better control on the quantity of food you are eating).


2 – Get your Beauty Sleep


If you work, and you fast and on top of it its really hot out…you will be exhausted. Not onl...

June 15, 2015

Flower Pants! lol sounds tacky, but we all know its in right now, and it can actually look great...


The key is in the print, and this is why I love this Miranda Kerr look. 



Who can pull it off?


1 - The Shirt; Quarter sleeves anyone can pull off, they hide your flaws if you have wider upper arms, and are a great solution if you have long arms (like i do), I tend to pull up the sleeves of long sleeve shirts I have to make them look three quarter sleeve shirts. When it comes to the neckline, the one Miranda is wearing is great for long necks. If you have a shorter neck, a lower neckline or V-neck is the solution for you.


2 - The pants; At this length, these pants will shorten the look of your legs. To compensate for that, a tucked in shirt will serve you well. If you cannot tuck in the shirt due to love handles or a heavier midsection, let the shirt go on top,but make sure it is not too long.  


3 - The shoes; Again, because the pants will shorten the look of your legs, pointy shoes have...

June 12, 2015

When it come to our hair, we exhaust it with the styling, the coloring, the heat...and then we wonder why it won't grow, or why we have split ends or why is it dry and so on! That's why I am reminding you ladies of how to deal with your hair, so it treats you right in return







June 10, 2015

When it comes to your body, treat it right on the inside, it should do well for you on the outside. Green tea is something I try to have at least once a day. I drink it without sugar or sweetner...I know its hard for all you sugar lovers, but you get used to the taste :)


Tea time!






June 4, 2015

I can't remember where, but I once heard someone say "the only thing you will ever wear everyday of your life is your skin". MEANING: You better take good care of it. Why? You cannot stop the aging process, but you can slow it with good habbits. On the same note if you are prone to pimples, you cannot totally stop them, but can try to prevent them. 


This 3 step routine is for your face, but Cleasing - Moisturizing and Resting are 3 words that you should use daily for your entire body!


Don't let yourself go, don't get lazy, it takes 40 days to get into a habbit so just do it and it'll become second nature :)







June 4, 2015

If you are hesitating on color the basic rule is that your foundation should be a shade or 2 lighter.

Beyond shade, foundations will have a pink base, a neutral base or a yellow base. There are many theories on which suits what skin, but in my personal opinion this comes with trial and error...it took me time to find the right foundation for my complexion and my skin type.


Here is my hint;


1. Use the chart below to figure the right type of foundation for your skintype (you can go with any brand I just listed my favorites)

2. Go to the store and try the shades on your skin. 


Note: You should not try foundation on your hand as our hands will usually have a slightly different color if compared with our face. Applying the foundation on your jawline is a great way to see if the color suits you.


Good luck!






June 4, 2015

This is one of my favorite winter looks, if you live in a place where the temperature is still decent in winter!


Who can pull it of?


1. A leather jacket, anyone can pull off, the key here is finding the jacket whose length is right for you.


2. The boot cut jeans, this is a question of preference. If you are lucky enough to have all the curves in the right place, or even if you are heavier on the hips, the boot cut jean will be perfect for you, as it will even out the look of your entire body. On the other hand, I personally find they can look strange if you have really skinny legs, or lack on curves..in that case I would rather replace them with skinny jeans.


3. The turtleneck, again preference, some women feel chocked by them, so they'll avoid at all costs. I personally like turtlenecks in winter. Here is the hint; if you have a shorter neck - avoid --> if you are heavy chested and slimmer at the bottom-->pick a fabric that is not too heavy so you do not look disproportionate!


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