"Treat your body right, it will treat you beautiful..."

October 17, 2015



١. قللي من تعابير وجهك


حاولي السيطرة على تعابير وجهك وعدم تكرارها كثيرا لأنها السبب في ظهور التجاعيد الأولية


٢. تحدي الجاذبية


النوم جيدا وأخذ قسط وافر من الاستلقاء والراحة ضد الجاذبية. وينصح أيضا بتغيير جهات النوم وعدم البقاء عند جهة معينة التي تتسبب بظهور التجاعيد ال...

October 17, 2015



1. Minimize Facial Expressions


Squinting? Smiling hard? Constantly raising your brows? Any repeated facial expressions will cause for your first fine lines to appear! So try to control yourself J


2. Defy Gravity


Literally, gravity has tendency to push everything downw...

June 10, 2015

When it comes to your body, treat it right on the inside, it should do well for you on the outside. Green tea is something I try to have at least once a day. I drink it without sugar or sweetner...I know its hard for all you sugar lovers, but you get used to the taste...

June 4, 2015

The image says it all!


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