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Celebrity Inspired Look

This is such a comfy look yet so classy! This look is perfect for a busy woman that needs to be in comfortable yet professional clothes and is also great for a working mom!

Who can pull it off?

1. The Shirt: I love this colar as it accentuates your colar bones if yours are showing, even if not, a black blouse like this one looks good on anyone. Hint1;, if your arms are a little fuller, the length of the sleeve are quite the trick here. You would be surprised at how 1 cm can make a difference. In that case choose a blouse that will hit your arm in the right place, or choose one with a longer sleeve that you could taylor.

2. The pants: If you have a flat tummy (lucky you) gor for it. If you don't? Still go for it, but wear them right. If its a slight tummy you have, as they are a bit looser in the midsection, you will still be able to pull the look off as is. If you have a really protruding midsection just dont tuck the shirt in. Choose a shirt that hits right wear ur belly disappears with these pants.

Hope this all made sense!

Love ,




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