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Celebrity Inspired Look

Flower Pants! lol sounds tacky, but we all know its in right now, and it can actually look great...

The key is in the print, and this is why I love this Miranda Kerr look.


Who can pull it off?

1 - The Shirt; Quarter sleeves anyone can pull off, they hide your flaws if you have wider upper arms, and are a great solution if you have long arms (like i do), I tend to pull up the sleeves of long sleeve shirts I have to make them look three quarter sleeve shirts. When it comes to the neckline, the one Miranda is wearing is great for long necks. If you have a shorter neck, a lower neckline or V-neck is the solution for you.

2 - The pants; At this length, these pants will shorten the look of your legs. To compensate for that, a tucked in shirt will serve you well. If you cannot tuck in the shirt due to love handles or a heavier midsection, let the shirt go on top,but make sure it is not too long.

3 - The shoes; Again, because the pants will shorten the look of your legs, pointy shoes have the opposit feature. Could it be worn with sandals? Yes, but again for long looking legs a nude hue is advisable.

The colors of the accessories/ shoes/ shirt are all about the shades in the pants..that's why on an idividual level they might not seem to match, but the overall look is flawless.

Go ahead and wear the flower pants...I know I will!




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