5 Ramadan Beauty Hints

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Today and tomorrow mark the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims all around the world. During that month, ladies usually prefer to tame down their beauty routines. Further than that, fasting makes you prone to weight fluctuations. This is why I decided to give every girl that celebrate that month, Ramadan hints!

1 - Break your Fast in Steps

We all know days are longer during the summer and so is fasting. The risk here is that your body will enter into starvation mode during your fast and store every single calorie when you start eating. Another scenario is that you overeat when you break your fast. The trick? Start with something small, like a soup and then wait an hour to have a full meal. By doing that you sent a message to your body (you are not starving) and you tamed down your hunger (and have better control on the quantity of food you are eating).

2 – Get your Beauty Sleep

If you work, and you fast and on top of it its really hot out…you will be exhausted. Not only that, you will be wearing minimal make-up so you won’t be able to fully hide. This is why I recommend you adjust your schedule and organize yourself so that you get you 8 hours of sleep.

3 – Let your Natural Beauty Shine Through

As mentioned earlier, if you like to tame down your make-up during Ramadan, and still want to look fresh and rested, shift your thinking to concealing and letting your natural beauty shine through. Bring your natural beauty to life. The trick is to conceal any under eye circles, wear a foundation to unifie your tone, a light blush, and a little mascara…done right people might not even notice you have make-up on

4 – File your Nails

Nail polish will usually help our nails not to break. For the ladies who stir away from nail polish, during Ramadan, file your nails every second day. This way you will avoid breakage and still have pretty and clean looking hands.

5 – Hydrate your Body and Skin

Drink your 8 cups of water a day… With all the food, you’ll probably feel bloated and forget to drink, though a healthy body and glowing skin cannot be achieved without some H2O

Even at that, your skin will need extra moisturizing, as you will not be able to drink water during the day. Carry a moisturizer around and remember to apply it on…

Happy Ramadan!



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