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My 5 Min “Barely There” Makeup Routine


This is for all the ladies who need a fast makeup routine, just to look fresher, but not made up!

1 – Conceal

Use your concealer and foundation with the goal of eliminating flaws. You should be very careful with the foundation you choose, making sure it’s the right tone (pink, neutral or yellow) and the right shade (usually a shade or 2 lighter than your own skin.

2 - Apply Mascara

I personally find mascara quite important, as it’ll have the effect of making your eyes look wider. Good mascara will not look clumpy and will also apply in a smooth fashion.

3 – Blush

After applying your foundation, your face will have an even tone, which isn’t so natural. Our cheeks are usually colored; so the blush is just recreate what the loo of a natural pigmentation. Choose a blush that will apply smoothly and not look like a stain on your face.

4 – A Natural Shade Gloss

The finishing touch to a fresh natural look!

This routine takes me less than 5 minutes… Great for all you busy ladies!




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